16 November 2011

There is a God, and She hates me

I just realized that the day I turn 30 is the day that everyone keeps referring to as "Black Friday."


Come out and skate

McCormick Tribune Ice Rink at Millennium Park opens this Friday, November 18, through Sunday, March 11, barring a freak late-winter heat wave before that date. Skating is free; skate rental is $10.

Rink at Wrigley at Wrigley Field opens on Friday, November 25, which happens to be my 1Eth birthday (other exciting events include a Mars mission launch and the reopening of the Queen's Landing crosswalk, which you'll have to Google for yourself because my home network is being stupid right now), running through February 27. Admission and skate rental prices vary.

And as always (enjoy it while you can, at any rate), open skate admission is free at all of the outdoor ice rinks of the Chicago Park District. The season runs from November 26 through February 26---weather permitting, of course, which it rarely does. Skate rental is $7 at Daley Bicentennial Plaza and $6 at the other outdoor rinks.

08 November 2011

In just 17 days, I will officially be old enough to get away with looking like a huge dork

I can't wait.

03 November 2011

In other news, this.

I am officially a hipster

I have an ironic cyclocross bike that's worth twice as much as the rent for my crappy studio.