17 November 2013

Weather or not?

My phone has been chiming at me all day with watches and warnings, and once even squawked like the old Emergency Broadcast System with an alert about imminent flash flooding. (I didn't even know my phone could do that.)

All I can see outside is that the ground is somewhat damp, presumably from last night, and it's especially windy. Oh wait, now there's thunder. Well, thanks for all the advance warning, I guess.

This building has no basement, and already seems likely to fall apart any moment. I should put some shoes on.


At 17 November, 2013 13:13, Blogger Redag said...

Seems fun! Well, from northbound on the 6...

At 17 November, 2013 13:15, Blogger Jennifer said...

You're on a bus????? Be OK!!!!!

Soon as I hit "post" the sirens went off. I was skeptical all morning because usually these alerts arrive well after whatever they're alerting has already started to occur. Nice to know they actually worked today!

At 17 November, 2013 15:05, Blogger Jennifer said...

I was surprised to see so many cyclists already out on the Lakefront Trail. And yes, they were undoubtedly cyclists---full kit, racing helmets, not a pannier or backpack to be seen. Presumably on cyclocross bikes (real ones, not ironic ones like mine); I don't see how you could possibly get around on anything else out there. Damage is limited here to great quantities of standing water and the occasional downed tree branch, but it's still not an ideal situation for a road bike.

At 17 November, 2013 22:14, Blogger Jennifer said...

Holy HOIL, I almost went out today. I saw that the weather this weekend was going to be unseasonably warm, and I was thinking either the Wauponsee Glacial Trail or the Old Plank Road Trail. Then I saw the chance of rain and thought "Well, screw that."

Now the evening news is all damage porn from Manhattan and Frankfort, of course. Yikes!

At 18 November, 2013 16:07, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

We're supposed to get rain here in California tomorrow, maybe as much as an eighth of an inch!


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