17 April 2012

One less female bike commuter

I don't bike anymore.

Honestly, it's kind of embarrassing to admit that. I think I used to have some kind of fearless passion for cycling. Now it's just too much effort to get the damn thing downstairs and out the door. Why bike to work when you can walk? Why bike downtown when there's a train that gets there faster? What's so great about the Lakefront Trail, anyway? Plus I'm still terrified of motorized traffic, but one gets over that eventually. This is something else.

Maybe I took too long to recover from the physical injury, and became complacent in this new bike-free lifestyle. Maybe the folding bike, being small, slow, and rather creaky, just isn't all that fun to ride. Maybe I lost too many things in what was essentially the same incident---my Cross-Check, my physical well-being, my freedom of travel, several thousand dollars, the chance to apply for a couple of really sweet full-time jobs, my relationship (such as it was) and everything that went along with that... I don't know. I just don't know.


At 17 April, 2012 22:09, Blogger Juan Montoya Btikbat Consuelo III said...

:-/ cycling will miss you.
once you get back on the pedals on a bike you really love, then it'll all come back to you.

There's an article i read back in the 90's about cycling. A woman realized that her bike was her constant throughout it all. THrough her childhood/her college/her troubled marriage/her new relationships.

I think you need to find your constant. whether it be your new lifestyle or a new townie bike.

Good luck!

At 18 April, 2012 09:27, Blogger Chris said...

Don't give up on cycling.
Reading your 1st paragraph, I was going to suggest a folding bike, but in the second part, you say you had one already. But maybe you didn't have the right one? Mine is full-size (no small wheels or creaking frame), so maybe that makes a difference?
I was off the bike a long time, and started riding again last year, thanks to finding the right bike for me. I like not having to walk or wait on public transit (I'm too impatient for that).

At 24 April, 2012 00:26, Blogger David Johnsen said...

I started writing a song for you... It's called "Carless Whisper" (with apologies to George Michael/Wham):

I'm never gonna bike again
Achy shoulder, got no Cross-Check

Sorry, that's as far as I got. But I hope it made you smile in spite of your circumstances.


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