10 April 2012

Keyboard Coffee Snort of the Day

From Cyclelicious:

"Please take your bike hat off for a minute and consider the safety benefits for all road users."

-Caltrans District 5 Transportion Engineer Dario Senor, explaining the safety benefits of rumble strips


At 12 April, 2012 06:51, Blogger Sproactually said...

Hey, is you shoulder doing any better?? Are you getting any PT for it??

And it's good that you had a least one cry now, breaking up sucks if the two of you hash it out
and come to the conclusion that this going nowhere. But when you are dumped for someone else it hurts, it really fucking hurts. There are too many unanswered questions and all this emotion
that has no where to go.

Hang in there...

Get and do something, motivation comes after action.

And if you don't post my unsolicited comments... I understand...

At 14 April, 2012 09:23, Blogger Jennifer said...

To be fair, I don't know if that really is the case, and for all I know it's not. But it's hard not to come to the conclusion that he just likes her better.

As for my shoulder, it's sort of plateaued at the level where I think I'm just going to have trauma-related arthritis for the rest of my life. I made a follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon anyway, just to pester him with all the questions I didn't think to ask so soon after the crash. Such as, would physical therapy be better for recovery than simply trying to live my now alarmingly inactive life, or what happens when I decide to take up a new sport/hobby to replace cycling and I find that I physically can't do it.

See, I've confirmed that I'm able to ride my folding bike again, but the thing is, now I just don't want to anymore. And I could get a new full-sized bike, but why spend money I don't have on something I'm not going to use?

At 16 April, 2012 08:40, Blogger Sproactually said...

Motivation comes after action... (at least that is what I tell myself)

I get the the not wanting to ride anymore, hopefully that will come back after some time, weather it be fear or whatever. I broke some ribs and punctured my lung in a crash when I was 15 being stupid and careless, (really, I can't keep making up all these stories) By the time I was told I could ride again I was working on a drivers licenses and it was a long time before I rode again. I turned my left shoulder into a kit project on a motorcycle, which is just like riding a bike, downhill, all day. I have not been on one since I did that, and just won't put my family through that again.

When was 13 I went on a trip from Babylon Long Island to Cape Cod with a youth group. it was the best time I ever remember having, and it still fills my memory of only the best parts and huge accomplishment, it was 4 days each way. The following year was Brewster to Lake George, 3 days each way. Since then I have ridden across NY 4 times on the FANY ride, the Erie Canal tour, Bike Virginia one year and this year I am going to Iowa to ride Ragbrai. So, that makes me one of those you despise in my shorts just out tooling around bikers. I have followed your ramblings for years, and always felt inadequate not riding to work. Basically I almost feel like I am not really working by riding a bike to work. I also have to contend with a Hudson River crossing which is subject to the whims of the NYS Bridge Authority. They are very casual about the opening times, and worse, just lock it up early on some days.

So I have been envious of your trips, especially when you mix a train ride in too, and I hope that your passion will return, I don't have that, I like to ride, and love going new places, but it doesn't come easy for me. I don't like seeing you struggle, you have inspired me, and for that I am grateful. So if there is something I can do to help to make things suck a little less, please ask. If it is something I can do, I'll try and do it. Call it payback.

I am very glad to hear you have a follow up with your ortho, and I hope you bring all your questions with you. I am hopeful that there are more steps you can take to make your shoulder stronger and better. One of the early things I had to do was get a rope and two pulleys, and pull my left arm up with right one to stretch it out. Most of the recovery, after reassembly was with the help of a physical therapist, she would heat it, and lay me out to stretch it and improve my range of motion, later adding weights on a universal gym. Sure, it's sore from time to time these days, and it predicts the weather pretty good too. The best part is trying to get on a airplane, you can try and explain it but once the hand wand goes off the second time, on the back of my shoulder, now the TSA is convinced I have a gun or knife buried in my skin. Oh yeah, it's hoot and a half. If I ever fly again, i am just showing up in flip flops and a speedo.

Okay, i need to continue my impersonation of doing actual work now.

At 16 April, 2012 22:46, Blogger Jennifer said...



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