20 March 2012

You're in good hands, as long as you act like a mouse in a cheese maze and dress like a vision test

Actual excerpt from Allstate Blog:

While you can't control for inattentive drivers, as a pedestrian, you can make smart choices. Following basic walking safety tips can reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Always use sidewalks or walking paths; if there is no sidewalk, walk FACING traffic and as far to the left of the road as possible.

Cross only at corners using traffic signals and crosswalks; never cross in the middle of the street.

Before crossing the street, make eye contact with a stopped driver; this lets him know you are crossing and lets you know that he's paying attention.

If walking at night, wear reflective gear so drivers can see you.


At 21 March, 2012 00:38, Blogger BadCarbine said...

You're sounding more and more angry as I follow your blog. You don't sound healthy. At first I found your carlessness interesting, but now it is almost as if your battle to remain carless is overwhelming your entire life. I sincerely hope this is not true, and that you can maturely put your differences between you and the rest of the world behind you. To be car less is one thing, but to be carless and hateful of everyone who is carful is quite different. Life is too short to remain angry. I would gladly make a drastic lifestyle change if the alternative meant I had to be an anger poisoned soul. Nothing is worth that to me.

At 21 March, 2012 01:43, Blogger Jennifer said...

Well, I AM angry. I am angry that BOTH times within one year that I was hit by a car, I have been treated like some kind of reckless urban thrillseeker who had it coming. Last year I was whacked while WALKING in a crosswalk at a four-way stop down one of those residential side streets that's supposed to be already so safe for pedestrians. Last year my version of events was questioned on the basis of the coat that I happened to be wearing. Last year I suffered an unbearable amount of physical pain and psychological distress as a result of something that was dismissed as a "minor accident." Last year I had to suffer the humiliation of being an unemployed, uninsured accident victim and was subsequently unable to afford the mental health treatment that I desperately needed as a result. Last year my life was ripped apart by that "minor accident" and it took me nearly a year to recover---and then I was hit by ANOTHER car, this time while on my bike, and now the only thing that has ever brought any true happiness to my generally sad, lonely life is gone. (Plus I'm rather seriously injured, and waking up every morning in pain because I happened to want to go to work one Sunday afternoon really puts a damper on the whole day.)

So yes, I'm angry. And I'm also kind of annoyed by your implication that buying a car would be the solution to all of my problems, as though car ownership (on a $23,000 annual salary, at that) would somehow have prevented all of those things from happening. If anything, I was an anger-poisoned soul to begin with, and that's the kind of person who really shouldn't be driving anyway.

At 21 March, 2012 03:45, Blogger Jennifer said...

I reiterate that I was WALKING the first and previously only time that I was hit by a car.


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