23 March 2012

Science to do

I'm going to a scientific conference! I'm even presenting a poster! The last time I presented a poster it was literally made of posterboard; since then, I've earned a wacky liberal arts degree and become a professional grammar Nazi. The conference itinerary also includes such discomforting words as "banquet," "social," and "gala," yet it falls upon me to go and present the research. For science!

I'm sore tempted to bring my folding bike with me (especially since seeing this), although what with all the official banqueting and socializing and galavanting after the science is done, I don't know that I'll have any time for bike sightseeing.


At 24 March, 2012 17:00, Blogger Sproactually said...

I guess it depends on how you get there if you can bring a bike.

But make time to visit the Cincinnati Museum Center, http://www.cincymuseum.org/unionterminal

I've never been, but it is in the restore Cincinnati union terminal, I'd go just to see that.

And add this bridge to your list, http://www.walkway.org/

At 24 March, 2012 22:25, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm taking Megabus, and they didn't give me any trouble the last time I took the folder anywhere. But Greyhound did. Greyhound shafted me, and then I was assaulted at the terminal in front of three dozen apathetic onlookers. I'm never riding Greyhound again.


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