28 December 2011

Sometimes I just want to smack people

Tires with reflective sidewalls
Reflective tape at each weld on the frame
Reflectors on both wheels and both pedals
Front and rear reflectors
Reflective straps on both ankles
Bright yellow jacket with Scotchlite stripes
Spock mittens with reflective logos
Helmet with reflective tape
Bike sack with reflective trim
Front and rear lights, both steady and flashing...

"Sorry---I didn't see you coming!"

And then I notice the damage all over her car and think, I'm so glad I was actually small and nimble enough to avoid coming into contact with that thing she's barely driving. Had I been in a car as well, there would likely be fragments of bumper all over the street. And she'd still have smiled, waved, and driven away, too engrossed in the virtual lives of her Facebook friends to care about the world in front of her. And I'd be crying over a busted bumper, possibly on Facebook.

Which is worse: Distracted driving, or the utterly, pathetically banal uses most of us have for the Internet?


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