08 November 2011

In just 17 days, I will officially be old enough to get away with looking like a huge dork

I can't wait.


At 08 November, 2011 20:42, Blogger Benjamin said...

Don't worry--it's awesome. You no longer have to pretend to like crap that young people are supposed to like, like skinny jeans, cupcake-only bakeries, and Twitter.

At 09 November, 2011 05:45, Blogger Sproactually said...

I seriously doubt you could care less about what the women driving that escalade, talking on the phone and drinking her chai mint tang lattee in a designer skirt with her coach purse getting too warm on the overheated leather seats thinks about what your wearing, just be glade she'll be judging you because SHE CAN SEE YOU. Give your self more credit, I will kill to have your determination and resolve.

Now, blog more.

At 12 November, 2011 00:51, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm just sick to death of reading about the Mary Poppins effect, which I'm quite convinced is either bullshit or simply incompatible with a vehicular cycling attitude. I mean, I rode to a job interview in a skirt and a nice wool coat, and I swear all it did was confuse people.

(I don't think it's the road-style bike that puts people off, because half the women under 30 in Hyde Park ride old road-style bikes leftover from 70s bike boom, and I doubt the average driver can tell the difference between one of those and my bastardized cyclocross bike. I say this because people ask me all the time "Is that a 10-speed?" And they always seem so surprised to learn that bikes can have as many as 18 now. Even though those hideous mountain-style bikes from Walmart routinely have, what, 24? 27? As many as possible, even though you'll never use more than two or three of them, if you're able to shift at all? It's a mystery to me, but then again, I'm not normal. I wear this searingly bright yellow thing as just a regular raincoat because I'm too lazy to bother with an umbrella.)

At 12 November, 2011 00:55, Blogger Jennifer said...

In other news, I read "UChiBLOGo," but what I see in my mind is "UChiBlago." I suppose it's too late to change the name, though.

At 01 December, 2011 02:47, Blogger Jennifer said...

And nobody noticed the deliberate Vulcan greeting. I'm disappointed in you, readers.


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