04 May 2011

Po Campo bungee handbag in action (stealth mode)

At Goose Island (the brewpub, not the actual island).

I am somewhat disappointed because the trapezoidal cross-section results in a considerable amount of unusable space at the bottom along the edges. It's not really as large on the inside as you might think it would be. There are certain items without which I just don't go anywhere by bike, and to make room for those items, I had to sacrifice my hairbrush. The results were not pretty.

Then again, this is what a Normal Purse looks like to most Normal Women, which was kind of the whole point of Po Campo in the first place, so I should probably just keep my abnormal mouth shut and be grateful that I only paid about 50% of the retail price to be somewhat disappointed. However, I do have to be honest and admit that for any activity unrelated to or uninvolved with bicycling, I feel Haiku is a much better brand. I wish Haiku made a tote with a rigid panel and hooks. I'd be all over that.


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