06 May 2011

Pedaling for no cause whatsoever (everyday edition)

Ask any cyclist, avid or otherwise, why she rides her bike to work/for errands/around town* and you will most likely get a preachy-sounding laundry list of reasons related to health (physical or otherwise), the environment, and saving money on gas/parking/insurance. Even the stylish people tend to ride for some personal financial, health-related, or environmental cause; they just do it more stylishly.

Nobody ever says "Because it's FUN!!!!!!!!" (Or, less manically, "Why not?")

It's as though we were afraid to admit it. Why does there always have to be a reason? Is this a free country or what?

*I've come to the conclusion that the latter is actually a euphemism for "to go somewhere for the purpose of consuming alcohol," because if you're riding your bike around town, but you aren't going to work or running errands, and you sure as hell aren't riding for fitness or "recreation" as the term is commonly understood as it relates to cycling, then what the hell else are you doing?


At 06 May, 2011 14:37, Blogger reub2000 said...

What about the fact that I don't have a drivers license?

At 06 May, 2011 14:42, Blogger Jennifer said...

That didn't stop about half the people I saw in traffic court. :-(

At 23 May, 2011 12:37, Blogger BadCarbine said...

what else am I doing? Exploring :D

At 09 July, 2011 08:05, Blogger Ed L. said...

People always assume that I must be some sort of eco-freak when they learn that I bike to work. As they get to know me, they understand that I'm just a bicycle freak, who really likes to bike. If I'm asked my answer is always "because its fun!" (That's its also convenient, less expensive and beats a gym any day, is just gravy.)


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