25 March 2011

That shit don't come off

So, now that the Cross-Check is my go-to (well, only) full-size bike and looks appropriately stupid, how well would duct tape on the frame work as an antitheft measure?


At 25 March, 2011 15:06, Anonymous Jami said...

I think your bike looks awesome. Of course, mine looks like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/balloonbiker/5497205402/

You could always take pride in your modifications and call it a touring bike.

Duct tape would certainly devalue your bike, but it would also be kind of grungy for you. I used massive amounts of reflective tape on my bike. I haven't tried to take it off, but it seems to be stuck on there pretty well.

I purchased mine from Amazon. They had many colors and a roll was like $10 and provided a lot of coverage.

You can see some reflective action, plus the addition of a coroplast box to my bike here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/balloonbiker/5559465914/

At 26 March, 2011 15:56, OpenID a2bikegeek said...

The decals on Surly bikes are on top of the paint and are easy to remove.

Is that white looking tape reflective tape?

At 28 March, 2011 14:17, Blogger Jennifer said...

Yes, the white bits are reflective tape. I was trying to do something like bumblebee striping on a muscle car. I know from experience in making the hybrid blindingly obvious that although the plastic peels off pretty easily after a while, the adhesive and reflective beads will not. But adhesive tape is expensive.

My thinking was that no one would buy a used bike with grungy, waffle-weave adhesive all over the frame, but then it occurred to me that "professional" thieves probably don't limit themselves to unloading whole bikes on Craigslist.

It's just that the thought of losing my nice bike in the middle of some routine city errand makes me sad.

I'll call it a "touring bike" when I actually tour with it, but for now I'm still stuck at the daytripping level. (Five years and counting!) I was sort of looking for a touring bike, but first nobody wanted to sell me one, and then I test-rode a Long Haul Trucker and found that I just didn't care for the geometry. I felt like I was pedaling a canoe!

So I tried the Cross Check, and it felt a lot livelier, and I knew I'd be a lot happier riding it around the city every day, even though I probably look completely ridiculous doing so. Citified cyclocross bikes are still kind of rare, I think.

So someday when I go on an actual tour and the scrunched-up cyclocross geometry starts to get on my nerves, then I'll consider something more laid back.


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