25 March 2011


Sun-Times: A beaut of a commute: Man runs from Glencoe to Loop office

[snark]Walk Chic bloggers and other foot transportation advocates have begun their rebuttals that this story is only one of many examples of "running" (instead of simply "walking"), even as regular commuting mode, being portrayed by the American media primarily and overwhelmingly as sport for lycra-clad serious athletes, instead of something that can be incorporated into the average person's daily routine as a regular form of transportation.[/snark]

Seriously, a 54-year-old disabled Gulf War vet running to work twice a week is pretty awesome.


At 25 March, 2011 15:24, Blogger Jennifer said...

Seriously, why is it only with bicycling that the non-sport people complain so vehemently about the sport people? You don't ever see this kind of attitude toward runners, or race car drivers.

At 25 March, 2011 15:27, Anonymous Jami said...

But does he do it in a suit and loafers?


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