01 February 2011


[Insert edgy graphic and dramatic sound clip here.]

T minus 2 hours.

Village Foods is MOBBED! Everyone who hasn't gone pre-blizzard shopping already is doing so right now, and they're all desperate and cranky. I just watched a slow-motion fender bender in the parking lot, which I don't recall being plowed last night, either. Lots of horn honking. It's like the evening before Thanksgiving, except there's no undercurrent of holiday cheer.

I'm going to guess from the volume of general traffic that employers are starting to let people leave early. That's good, except that some people are driving like zombies on meth. If this keeps up, then there will probably be several wrecks before the weather even starts blizzarding.

Traffic on the Drive is heavy but moving smoothly in both directions, at least from the snippet I can see clearly (near 47th St).

The ice on the lake extends almost all the way to the horizon now.

Cripes, why don't people have their headlights on?! It's snowing! Isn't that a law or something?

Fire truck. I was wondering when that part would begin.

Don't take my word for it, but the Metra Electric seems to be running perfectly normal for now.

I'm actually really, really bored, which is why I'm sitting here writing this. Everyone else, outside and down below, is so on edge, but here I am already snug in my aerie with everything I need and nothing that needs to be done, except a sink full of dishes, but there's always a sink full of dishes. Well, I do have two closets to clean, but that hardly seems like a good blizzard activity. "So how did you spend the blizzard of '11?" "At home, cleaning out my closets. It was so damn boring." I don't even have any pending freelance assignments. I'm tempted to get all bundled up and venture outside into the melee for a slice of pizza, just to have an adventure. I'll even wait until after 3pm, which is when the warning takes effect.

And if the power does not go out tonight, I'm going to feel very stupid for having bought all that water, especially because I hate buying water. Well, better safe than sorry.


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