02 February 2011


I think most of the storm has mostly blown over by now, but be advised that the high winds and sporadic lake effect snow will continue through this afternoon. The lakeshore flood warning is also still in effect.

Also note that after the snow comes the frigid cold, with wind chills so far below zero you'll need a flashlight to find them, continuing through Friday.


At 02 February, 2011 08:40, Blogger Jennifer said...

What the duck were people doing driving on LSD?

I should also mention that for me the best part of the blizzard was watching the trains. While motorists struggled just to creep along, the Metra Electric and South Shore trains were zipping through like nothing was out of the ordinary, the southbound Illini cruised by and left a beautiful cloud of turbulence, and a beastly 4-engine freight train came roaring out of the north like the wind itself sometime after sundown.

Speaking of beautiful clouds of turbulence, I have long wished for a 4D representation of the wind currents around my apartment building---and the blizzard provided exactly that! The high snowfall rate meant there were enough flakes to really see what was going on, and the high wind speed kept them all airborne. It was wonderful. I spent a couple of hours yesterday just sitting at the west window in the kitchen just watching it.

(That's where I was blogging from yesterday. I'm sorry, I guess I should have made that more clear.)

Watch out for pedestrians in the car or shared lane this morning. People are out on foot but there's really nowhere else to walk yet.

At 02 February, 2011 09:07, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, I guess I should also make clear that I live on the 13th floor and in the northwest corner of a lovely (if slightly dilapidated) vintage highrise apartment building. I'm right next to 2 commuter trains and an active freight line that also serves 3 Amtrak routes. Just beyond the train tracks is a N-S arterial street that intersects the the E-W arterial street on which this building is located; both streets are served by several local and express bus routes in all 4 directions. The intersection is flanked on the remaining 2 sides by a high school and a shopping plaza with a small supermarket.

The view toward the other direction (north) has been rather dull on account of the blowing snow (usually I can see the downtown skyline and part of the lakefront, very scenic), and in any case I slanted the blinds and put up sealing kits on those windows yesterday, so it's hard to get a good look anyway.

I realize that with this information, anyone could use Google Earth to figure out exactly where I am and stalk me, but I don't particularly care because I doubt I'm important or interesting enough to be worth the effort. I just thought I should probably explain where all these blizzard observations are coming from, in case I've given anyone the mistaken impression that I've been out roaming the neighborhood in the middle of a blizzard for the sole purpose of blogging about it. Nope, I've just been looking out the windows. Not much else to do in here.


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