24 February 2011

Bike for... away

Another update: I forgot that the Chicago Cycle Swap on Saturday is actually, you know, a bike swap! And here I was all set to go just for the morale. (Did I mention I was hit by a car last weekend? I need morale.) I'm not looking to swap an entire bike for another entire bike; paring down the number of full-sized bikes from two to one was kind of the whole point of this endeavor, after all. But the thought of just dumping it at Blackstone Bicycle Works like your sister's broken Huffy makes me feel sad. I think my first real city bike deserves a slightly more dignified end. So look for me and/or the hybrid there on Saturday. It'll still make a nice winter beater with some decent tires (not included).

Aesthetic warning: I haven't been able to peel off all the stickers, and part of the frame is wrapped in clear plastic postal tape. (This is actually a kludge from a separate partial destickering episode last winter. I was tired of my pants getting fuzzballed. Sorry.)

Updated update: See my newly dorkified Cross-Check here! I got the fenders on without taking the wheels off!

Addendum: I forgot that I have yet another bike! The web-spring saddle that came stock on the hybrid has been replaced with the basic saddle that came stock on the folder. The latter isn't as comfortable as the former (which is why I kept it and put it on the folder), but it is a definite improvement over the stick-up-your-ass roadie saddle that came stock on the road bike. (In other news, does anyone of male physiology need a basic stick-up-your-ass roadie saddle?) Speaking of the road bike, that one is now sporting a pair of fat-ass fenders that make it finally look ridiculous enough to be owned by me. Actually, I wonder how even stupider my roadie-style bike would look with the web-spring saddle, because a bike that cannot be ridden for any appreciable length of time without the aid of padded underpants probably still has the wrong saddle on it. Not that any of this matters, given that I was just HIT BY A CAR. Aren't I overdue for some good luck already?

As to my weekend project that was interrupted...

It's been a wonderful six years (sniff), but it's finally time to say goodbye to Avenger the Dependable Trek Hybrid and take him out behind the shed and put him out of his misery find him a nice older couple with a farm out in the country pass it on to some other aspiring n00b. I'm still waiting to hear from two or three other short people I sort of know personally, so this is just a heads up.

This bike will NOT make you cool, except possibly in Hyde Park, where a beat-up old Americanized hybrid of moderate original retail value may give you some "quad cred" among middle-aged intellectuals. (Note that this group arguably includes no less personage than the President of the United States of America, so perhaps that's something to consider.) It will get you and some of your stuff from point A to point B with a reasonable amount of comfort, minimal fuss, and absolutely no style, provided that points A and B are between 1 and maybe 50 miles apart. After 50 miles, you may start to wish that you had something better.

I'm stripping the fenders, flat-resistant tires, springy saddle, headlight, and one water bottle cage. I'm replacing the tires with basic tires and the saddle with the basic---though admittedly not very comfortable---saddle that came stock with the Cross-Check. Regarding the saddle, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to ride comfortably on the Lakefront Trail for an afternoon, so I'll leave it up to a n00b to replace it when he or she finds it necessary and an expert to replace it at his or her preference right away.

As I said, I want to wait to hear from a few friends first, so this is just an FYI that it's getting a little too crowded with bikes and bike stuff in here and that I've finally come to realize that I've simply outgrown the hybrid.


At 22 February, 2011 15:26, Blogger David Johnsen said...

You're stronger than I am. I should have parted ways with my GIT veteran Cannondale hybrid long ago -- I haven't ridden it in six years -- but I can't seem to let go. Or maybe it's just that you don't have as much storage space as I do.

At 23 February, 2011 01:09, Blogger Jennifer said...

Well, that's why I'm bothering to replace the parts I've stripped instead of just dumping what's left at Working Bikes. And it IS getting crowded in here.

At 28 February, 2011 01:01, Blogger Jennifer said...

I have a buyer! I was just going to give it to her, but as long as she insists...

I don't think anybody missed it at the bike swap.

At 02 March, 2011 07:25, Blogger Tom said...

Sorry to hear about your accident! Injuries?!! The Surly looks great by the way. Its been on my wish list for a few years... hope you can enjoy it soon.

At 08 March, 2011 20:50, Blogger Jennifer said...

Yes, I was injured. No blows to the head or broken bones, but that's probably the most I should say. Thanks, though!


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