09 February 2011

Another episode of Hybrid and Folder: Closeted

Folder: Why, hello, Roadie. Fancy meeting you here, in the living room closet.
Roadie: Oh god, my life is over! I'll never go outside again!
Folder: Oh, that's not true.
Roadie: Yes it is! When's the last time you got out of here?
Folder: Well, I was destickered a few months ago. That was sort of fun, I guess.
Roadie: I thought you looked different.
Folder: Yes, I look much more respectable now.
Roadie: With all that adhesive residue? You look stolen.
Folder: *sigh* I wish I was stolen. Then maybe I'd get to go outside.
Roadie: I knew it! I'm never going outside again!
Folder: Well, don't slash your tires over it. There are worse things in the world.
Roadie: Like what?
Folder: Um, widespread ecological destruction? Global economic collapse? Jersey Shore?
Roadie: What about for me personally?
Folder: Well, then how about being an enormous douche? Speaking of being an enormous douche, where's Hybrid gone to? Has he finally been donated?
Roadie: No, he's in the bike room.
Folder: What? No way!
Roadie: Yep, he's been down there ever since... a few days before New Year's, I think. Took a quick ride through a snizzle storm on some crazy errand or other, and he's been down there ever since.
Folder: Wow. Hybrid in the bike room all winter. I never thought that would happen.
Roadie: You see now why I'm so worried?
Folder: Well, it will be spring soon.
Roadie: Supposedly.
Folder: And you're in here with me. That's got to be some kind of good news.
Roadie: I must say, the kitchen does look much nicer now. You can eat in there and everything.
Folder: Eat-in kitchen, huh? What a luxury!
Roadie: No, not really. From what I've seen, they've gone out of style.


At 09 February, 2011 17:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welp, I (a CA native) am in Chicago for work (actually, some place called Schiller Park) and the temps have been - maybe - 15F. I can't rightly blame someone for not wanting to ride in this...at least until it gets above freezing. Ye gods!

At 10 February, 2011 17:15, Blogger Terry said...

What about a fluid trainer to set your bike on. You could train for commutes. Nowhere machines are not for hamsters only.

At 11 February, 2011 21:27, Blogger David Johnsen said...

What's funny is that I could swear I've seen you riding in my neighborhood three times this week. Actually, they were people with similar glasses; that's all that's visible on cyclists in this weather!

At 11 February, 2011 21:35, Blogger Jennifer said...

No, I assure you it has not been me, although I do have the standard-issue Aging Hipster frames. These days I am probably most easily recognized by the neon pink roadie helmet with the yellow Tron stripes.


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