20 January 2011

Unidentified cyclist found dead after possible hit-and-run

Update: Robert Felice, 65, no known address. Police are looking for a tanker truck driver. Trib.

In Wentworth Gardens.


At 18 January, 2011 21:45, Blogger Jennifer said...

I should probably note that my first thought was that this was no "average Chicago cyclist" but the other kind of typical cyclist that is usually seen (but much more easily ignored), especially on the south and west sides. I cynically, perhaps cruelly, and probably unnecessarily wonder if the "Chicago bicycle community" would give half as much as a damn if it was known for a fact that he was that kind of a bike rider, instead of a verified member of the elite. If you don't believe me, go back whichever news article you first read and substitute the word "pedestrian" for "cyclist" and consider, honestly, if your reaction to the news would have been exactly the same.

Yes, I amaze even myself with my own callousness sometimes.


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