16 November 2010


Fullmetal is a 2010 2009 Surly Cross-Check. (Mine is boring basic black because it was either that color or poop "beef gravy" brown that year. Ah well.) The name is from Edward Elric's title of Fullmetal Alchemist, so given because of his automail (metal prosthetic) arm and leg. A more accurate English translation of the original Japanese title (so I've heard) is "Alchemist of Steel"; similarly, Fullmetal is my Bicycle of Steel. Moreover, my Cross-Check is a continual reminder of the principle of Equivalent Exchange: I worked and saved for so long so that this bike could be mine, and I continue to work and save so that I can ride it to places more interesting than Walgreens.

Avenger is a 2005 Trek 7100 Multi-Trak. The name is from Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Avenger is Harvey Birdman's sidekick/legal assistant. If there was any logic to naming my bike thus, I've forgotten it by now. I think it just sounded cool.

Scooty-Puff is a 2007 (I think) Breezer Zig7, which is basically a clone of a Dahon Boardwalk D7. The name is from Futurama. It is, well, read for yourself.


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