16 November 2010

Let's boycott Wisconsin

I cringe to remember how much money I spent on our trip to Sparta, WI, this past summer. Now double it, because I wasn't traveling alone for once. We started tossing around plans for another trip the following summer, ideally for a whole week this time, before we'd even checked out of the motel.

But if Wisconsin is going to be stupid, then screw 'em, and we FIBs will take our money to some other state next year.

Don't need no stinkin' train to Madison, huh? Labor Day afternoon, I-90 was a solid mass all the way from Wisconsin Dells to Rockford, and likely all the way from Rockford to Chicago and beyond. I rode the Empire Builder on Labor Day a few years ago; it was insanely crowded but it ran pretty much on time. I'm the sort of person who would pay anything---ANYTHING---not to have to sit in a car in traffic going nowhere. (I would similarly pay anything to avoid having to go through an airport for the rest of my life, especially with TSA's new groping policy. Pre-boyfriend I might actually have enjoyed that because you take what you can get, right? but certainly not anymore.)

Anyway, I can't possibly be a minority of 1 on this.


At 18 November, 2010 00:13, Blogger David Johnsen said...

Let's storm Mars' Cheese Castle!

At 30 November, 2010 03:31, Blogger Steven Vance said...

Nope, you're not a minority of one. Thankfully Midway doesn't have porno scanners yet. But they're still groping blind people, their seeing eye dogs, and people in wheelchairs. Sick.

I try to write in a way that reveals really how I feel (like you do), but I fail. So I write stoically and matter of factly (factly is not a word).


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