08 November 2010

I'm a bike?

2010 Jenny by Schwinn

It's even high-vis yellow, my favorite bike-related color.


At 09 November, 2010 05:34, Blogger Sproactually said...

Looks kinda of fancy for, oh, i don't know, say a socialist to ride.


At 10 November, 2010 08:17, Blogger Freewheel said...

I bet you could get a deal on it -most bikes shops are trying to clear the way for 2011 models.

At 11 November, 2010 10:15, Blogger Jennifer said...

Hmm... No, no, the last thing I need is a fourth bike, and the hybrid just won't die.

At 11 November, 2010 10:56, Blogger Jennifer said...

Electra has a Jenny, too, but it doesn't look anything like me.

At 11 November, 2010 18:58, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

Oh, and what a cute bike it is!


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