22 October 2010

In which I fail to infiltrate Cycle Chic

So a few days ago, I emailed this photo to this person* and even offered to wear a flowery skirt (what, I have one or two of those) if it would help take the edge off the cyclocross bike (I didn't tell her what my other full-sized bike looks like). Still haven't heard anything, and I doubt I ever will. I must have the world's most casual work environment among people who actually have to go to an office every day. Man, I'm going to miss this job. Again.

Anyway, the number of views plus all of former n00b's praise about how totally awesome I look in that self-portrait kind of gave me some hope that other people in the world besides him think I look pretty on a bike---but then again, I guess we usually do look like this when we "go out." Oh well.

*Wait, she wants "all kinds of bikers" but "no active wear"? Doesn't that eliminate most kinds of bikers? I mean, if Bike Snob is to be believed, "cyclocross chic" is like the next big thing.


At 23 October, 2010 20:08, Blogger sac cycle chic said...


In my humble opinion, you look very Cycle Chic in your picture. I believe you arrived at Cycle Chic with bells and whistles. Congrats!

At 26 October, 2010 19:26, Blogger Jennifer said...

Aww, thanks! Sometimes a gal just wants to look pretty, you know?


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