18 August 2010

Wind and sunshine don't need to be transported

How much rail congestion is due to coal?


At 18 August, 2010 11:15, Blogger Benjamin said...

The Economist says (http://www.economist.com/node/16636101) it's an astonishing 45% of rail freight by volume, 23% by value.

You raise an excellent point. Phasing out coal is going to free up a lot of railroad space.

At 18 August, 2010 14:07, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

Or, if we continue to rely on fossil fuels and go with some of those crazy gasification plans, rail transport becomes an important bottleneck for coal and everything else we transport by rail.

On the other hand, wind and solar power generation means thousands of miles of new power distribution networks. You still need to get the power from the prairie into the city

At 18 August, 2010 16:21, Blogger Jennifer said...

But once the powerlines are up, they stay put. And they don't burn diesel fuel, either.


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