10 March 2010

Trib TransRep Jon Hilkevitch throws down the spandex gauntlet

I don't need to tell you that Google Maps has a new bike feature, now that it's been all over Teh Intertubz for hours. I don't trust Google to give me reasonable directions anywhere by any means [cute, they put me on Rt. 59 to bike to n00b's house], so I'm kind of indifferent. But everyone else seems to be pretty excited, and because "everyone else" thinks they're "normal people," it didn't take long for the Great Bicycle Movement Wardrobe Debate to flare up. Observe here (also here):

"Could Google's new venture mean more commuters may soon start wearing Spandex shorts while traveling to work?"

Yeah, they're already duking it out in the comments.

For the record, all my office pants are made from poly-spandex blends, same as my bike shorts (although the percentages vary, and I'm sure my coworkers appreciate that). Bike shorts also make a cozy base layer on those penetratingly cold winter days when you give a little yelp as soon as you get on a saddle that's been outside for a few hours. Someday you'll thank me.


At 11 March, 2010 21:27, Blogger reub2000 said...

I just checked the directions from my parents place to school, and I must say that has more zig zags then I'd like to have to memorize.

At 12 March, 2010 00:48, Blogger Jennifer said...

I've been reading that complaint a lot these two days, that the routes are either insanely indirect or unsafely direct.

At 12 March, 2010 16:38, Blogger reub2000 said...

Welp, to get from the lakefront to Columbia College, it suggests exiting at Grand, going down Columbus, and to Van Buren, and then take that to Michigan Ave. Does that sound like a safe or direct route?

At 12 March, 2010 22:52, Blogger Jennifer said...

No, not really.

I've been having fun seeing all the really wacky routes it comes up with in the suburbs.


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