23 February 2010

Pushing the limits of dorkitude to the X-treme!!!!!!

I might have to get a water backpack of some sort. At last I have a bike light enough that I can carry it on one shoulder---except I get stabbed in the armpit by the water bottle cages whenever I try. Because the frame is so tiny. Even though I'm not.

(Aside: Are most cyclists---who are mostly men, of course---just really, really tall? Are 5'7" men condescendingly told that they need to order a special kind of bike with a short-man-specific-design frame and smaller wheels in order to ensure proper fit, peak efficiency, and better comfort? Or are they just sold a smaller frame and that's that?)

Anyway, the back-mounted hydration systems (or whatever they're called) that I've been seeing tend to rival backpacks that are designed for actual backpacking in capacity and complexity (and if I wanted to carry one of those all day, I'd actually go backpacking), so if there's a company out there that still makes your basic waterbag with shoulder straps and a tube, and if you can recommend a good one, let me know.


At 23 February, 2010 14:32, Blogger Adam said...

"Are 5'7" men condescendingly told that they need to order a special kind of bike"

Oh, no, that's a real thing. In a perfect Universe all frames for riders 5'9"ish would have smaller sized wheels. The sizing limitations caused by 700c wheels make for horrendously contorted smaller frames. If they don't say that to guys, they probably should. But with male egos, it would probably guarantee a no sale.

At 24 February, 2010 06:06, Blogger Sproactually said...

I am 5'7" ish, and my bianchi is a 53cm frame, pretty much middle of the road, an my Giant is a M/L frame.

Most women riders I know are smaller, and some of bikes sort of look out of place on 700c rims.

I've never been able to do the camelback thing because I don't like the backside sweat, but i could see 2 water bottles being bothersome on a small frame bike.

That is one of the problems of cycling, good gear is not cheap, and it's not like you have the option of trying 5 pairs of gloves, on the bike for hours before you plunk down 25 bucks on a pair.

It comes back to the right local bike shop, with people that work there that use the stuff. And cyclists have to buy from them, not shop them and buy online.

At 25 February, 2010 18:30, Blogger Eric Peterson said...

I use a 50oz Camelback (REI has these on closeout), very minimal, but only on long rides on hot days. Fill it with ice and water, and put the Gatorade in the water bottle(s) - they are easier to clean.

Another option for water bottles is a device that attaches to your seat (rails or seatpost) and provides mounts for two water bottles. Google "saddle rail water bottle mount" etc.

There is a trend to ride smaller bike frames, you should disregard that and get the largest frame that still feels comfortable.

At 27 February, 2010 10:26, Blogger willyh said...

I'm a 5'7" male with a 30" inseam and most bike frames feel a tad too intimate to me, even the small ones (51-52 cm). I have a 51 cm Miyata 1000LT that I have with coming to a stop and make sure I lean the frame to one side or the other. I'm contemplating getting a Surly LHT in one of the smaller sizes with 26 inch wheels just to see if I can finally relax.


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