05 January 2010


I'm sick of hearing my friends and relations gush about all the tax breaks and tax credits and other government-funded handouts and incentives that they got when they bought their new cars. Okay, I realize that the $900 I paid for Fullmetal is probably a drop in the bucket compared to even, I dunno, the interest on an auto loan, or some shit, but I'm still sick of hearing about it. I paid the entirety of that lovely 10.25% sales tax on my bike, and I'll never get any fraction of it back. And I mean back to me directly, not ultimately back in general in that fuzzy, feel-good, paying-for-the-common-good, funding-the-CTA way.

Pay for your own damn cars.


At 06 January, 2010 01:39, Blogger Georg said...

Bonjour Jennifer,

It seems too many US Americans are obsessed with the word "socialism" without knowing what that really means.

Money for clunkers was handed out in nearly all car producing countries, most of them having a conservative government. This was done to keep the economy humming and the people from being too depressed. Because nearly everybody loves his car, more than his wife and more than god.

I understand your special case. It's infuriating. They should have given this amount for any purchase but this was not on the agenda, nowhere! We bought a new car ten months before the clunker scheme, too bad.


At 06 January, 2010 06:58, Blogger Sproactually said...

In February 2008 I went and purchased a small ULEV vehicle, stick shift and everything. I could not eeek anymore out of my 94 Chevy with 238,000, miles on it. Less Steel, Less rubber, less weight, less gas, less pollution. I did this all my own, paying for the car, insurance and sales tax too!! (Yes, i also own a 9 year old pickup that i use for plumbing)

Then the great gas price up occurred that summer, As I stood there putting my 8 gallons of gas in, without fail someone would ask what kind of mileage that thing get?

So my reward for buying a car that is environmentally correct, practical and one that could afford? I get to pay for everyone else that HAD to have a fricken SUV, but now couldn't afford to gas it up.

Don't even get me started on 3800 square foot houses eating up resources to build, heat and cool.

At 07 January, 2010 12:05, Blogger Jennifer said...

It seems too many US Americans are obsessed with the word "socialism" without knowing what that really means.

Yes, and I think it's funny that in this country "socialism" is what happens whenever the government funds anything or passes any law that one personally does not like.

Already owning a car that was too fuel-efficient to qualify, or already not owning any car and not having any plans to purchase one (but still being just as laid-off as the person who did qualify and did want to buy one): not so funny.


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