04 January 2010

Inventing problems that don't exist

And in the process, creating even more problems.

Chicago Tribune:
South Side train service: Commuters want equal access to Metra's Electric stops and the South Shore Line

First of all, you must understand that the Metra Electric main line and NICTD South Shore trains run on exactly the same tracks north of Kensington. Second, you must understand that South Shore trains and express Metra Electric trains make almost exactly the same stops.

OK, do you understand this? Do you understand that if you came to visit me (at either my home or my office, in fact), you could sit in the window all day long and watch both Metra Electric and South Shore trains running back and forth at regular intervals, and note that no South Shore and only some Metra trains stop at the station right outside the building and that sometimes a South Shore train and a Metra Electric train headed in the same direction will pass within minutes if not seconds of each other, and, furthermore, also quite possibly deduce that nobody on the platform appears to be bothered by any of this?

Because if you understand this, then you, like me, will probably fail to understand why SOUL is so outraged by some imaginary lack of commuter trains along the old Illinois Central corridor that they've persuaded State Senator Kwame "Banning Texting While Driving is Racist" Raoul to introduce infuriatingly asinine legislation that would actually serve to worsen transit between the south side and downtown.

I think the RTA ought to call that bluff and lobby to have the bill passed as written.


At 05 January, 2010 11:20, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

I thought it sounded stupid too, but the Hyde Park Urbanist convinced me. Just look at how much more frequently there would be trains in the underserved middle of the day!

At 05 January, 2010 11:43, Blogger Jennifer said...

You know it won't end there. Next people will whine that the South Shore doesn't stop anywhere between Kensington and 63rd, or between 57th and McCormick Place, that Chatham and Bronzeville are missing out on gargantuan piles of money from the thousands upon thousands of tourists from Portage, IN who can't stop to shop and eat and that's why those neighborhoods are so socioeconmically distressed and yadda yadda.

At 05 January, 2010 14:30, Blogger David Johnsen said...

My favorite part is how the bill is written. What kind of moronic politician introduces a bill with such a huge flaw? Answer: the same kind of moronic politician who tries to cover his butt by saying he was just trying to "stimulate the discussion"!

Actually, what surprises me about this article is that Amtrak isn't mentioned. IIRC, suburban passengers aren't allowed to board Amtrak trains to downtown unless they are connecting to another Amtrak train. Clearly, it's Amtrak racism directed against Napervillains (among others).

At 06 January, 2010 08:29, Blogger reub2000 said...

Well it seems that your not happy with the politician that supposedly represents you. Since Kwame's seat is up for re-election this year, it would seem like a good idea to see if anyone is opposing him the next election. Nothing makes me giddy quite like challenging the machine/establishment.


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