13 January 2010

Feh, athletes

As you may have already read in various places, the Milwaukee bike polo team was arrested. Or ticketed but not technically arrested. Or something. I've been reading about it all day in between fits of vomiting, which has nothing to do with the story (I think one of my neighbors gave be swine flu) but has been impacting my concentration somewhat.

Now I should probably pause for a minute to mention that I have no interest in bike polo. Sure, given that I like riding my bike and that I also like whacking things, it might logically follow that I'd absolutely love doing both at the same time and therefore would have a very keen interest in bike polo, but alas, that's not the case. I can think of few things more pointless than getting on a bike and then riding around in circles whacking things instead of going somewhere. I also think that pioneering educational environment* from which I graduated successfully killed my competitive drive, because nothing that even vaguely resembles a competitive sport seems to interest me anymore.

(In addition, I'd probably be better at bike softball or bike tennis, or perhaps bikesketball, because the nonbike versions of those sports are the ones at which I already have plenty of experience sucking.)

Anyway, in between reading about the Milwaukee bike polo team and fits of vomiting, I also learned today that as I have evolved as a cyclist from a brokeass college punk (nobody rode bikes as a "lifestyle" when I was in college, and being a brokeass was not yet considered "having a green lifestyle") to multiple-bike-owning proto-roadie, so, too, have my opinions evolved. I realized this when I read the following passage:

"For all of us, bikes are our main source of transportation and Wauwatosa is a suburb of Milwaukee, miles out from the core of the city where we all live. We pleaded with them to let us lock our bikes to a rack, no dice."

And my first thought was "Well, then what the heck were they doing playing bike polo with their transport bikes?"

I mean, of course when you play bike polo, you're going to bring your polo bike and leave your commuter/transport/cargo bike at home, because exactly that sort of thing might happen eventually, and you don't want to be stuck with no bike at all. Isn't it perfectly obvious?

*Actually, they don't seem to call it that anymore.


At 14 January, 2010 10:23, Blogger Adam said...

Much ado about meh, that whole Milwaukee thing. They had been told multiple times that they were trespassing and that they had to stop, and they didn't actually get arrested. They were taken downtown to pay the fine, which is exactly how our parents had to pay out of state speeding tickets.

At 14 January, 2010 12:36, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm not even going to comment on that aspect; I just wanted to mention that I think it unwise to utilize one's only means of transportation for a recreational pursuit that could easily result in damage, theft, confiscation, etc.

OK, on that note, I guess I'll comment that the very same thing happens to BMX riders with some regularity, except that they tend not to whine so loftily about it afterwards. I wonder if it's because the "green lifestyle" has absorbed fixie subculture but not BMX subculture, even though by all outward appearances they're both kind of the same thing.

At 17 January, 2010 03:54, Blogger Georg said...

Hallo Jennifer,

First time ever I heard about polo biking. Mistreating a bike instead of a horse. A little progress, I guess.

What about posting a video showing you whacking things. That might be highly entertaining for everybody.


At 20 January, 2010 18:52, Blogger Marne said...

I believe what they were getting at about the main source of transit is they may only have one bike. Maybe they can't just pick up the commuter bike and travel to the suburbs. And if they were stranded it would fuckin suck. I only have one.

At 12 February, 2010 19:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@adam- the fine was not required to be paid at time of arrest. Is being handcuffed and taken into county jailhouse for 9+ hours and having your mugshots and fingerprints taken not being arrested? Close enough by my idea of what being arrested is.

@ Jennifer
Polo players often have more than one bike in their stable. The polo specifc bikes being taken and put out in the suburbs created problems with getting home once the players were released at 4am.
Some players, that night, their only bike was confiscated, some it was just one of their several bikes but imagine having to ride 6 miles on one bike to go pay $25 to get your other bike out of impound and then double riding it back the 6 miles to your house. All within 5days before your bike goes to auction becasue you couldn't pick it up fast enough.

But in the end thanks for posting about this because all these new poeple talking about bike polo only helps the polo cause!

Milwaukee polo player

At 13 February, 2010 19:35, Blogger Jennifer said...

You can't rent a van for a day to pick them up?


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