07 January 2010

Bike the Skyway?

Wait, so because the Chicago Skyway has been leased to a private company---and, moreover, if I remember correctly, is not technically part of the interstate highway system because it doesn't meet the specifications---then, hypothetically, a group of rich bastards could make an attractive enough offer to said private company to sublease the Skyway for, say, a morning, close it to automobile traffic, and ride bikes on it, and there's nothing anybody else could do about it, right?

Note to self: Find some rich bastards who are as intrigued about this idea as I am....


At 07 January, 2010 11:42, Blogger Jennifer said...

There are, at present, three reasons why I suddenly want to do this:

1. I really, really want to bike on the Skyway. It's the best view of downtown on the southeast side, but every time I'm on the Skyway I'm in a car and therefore going way too fast to fully appreciate the view and get a good photo.

2. I'd love to see big signs that say "SKYWAY CLOSED FOR PRIVATE EVENT---USE ALTERNATE ROUTE" and then, I dunno, get married on it or something.

3. I think it would be an excellent way for people to realize the full ramifications of leasing public assets/services to private companies.

At 07 January, 2010 14:40, Blogger Noah said...

I am as intrigued by this idea as you are. However, though there are some that might think me a bastard, I am not a rich one. Alas...

And yea, the skyway DOES have the best view of the city. I'd love to see it on foot/bike, and not from the passenger window of a friends car.


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