29 December 2009

Chasing the holy grail

Dear outdoor activewear manufacturers,

When I say I want stuff that's waterproof, I mean actually proof against real water. I'm not doing this winter biking/walking thing for enjoyment and only on those picturesque winter days when the sun sparkles on the new-fallen snow and there's absolutely no wind and you send your models outside for a catalog photo shoot. I'm much more interested in being able to get home from work in a cold, drenching sleetstorm without my extremities getting dangerously chilled.

Soaking wet hugs,

Bike Lane Hottie


At 01 January, 2010 18:40, Blogger reub2000 said...

The rest of us board a train when it gets that cold.

At 02 January, 2010 16:22, Blogger Eric Peterson said...

I agree. Typically I perform an immersion test for, say gloves, by sticking my hand in a bucket of water to see if the glove springs a leak (most do). There have been a few exceptions, one being REI taped mittens. The most disappointing "waterproof" merchandise has been the Sealskin line of products.


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