19 November 2009

Clothing theme rides I'd like to see because I'd totally come

Goth Ride
Cosplay Ride
Slow Spandex Ride
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation T-shirt Ride
Marshall Field's/Carson Pirie Scott Final Clearance Sale Ride
REI Ride
Leather Ride
Vegan Pleather Ride
OMG Did You See Last Night's Episode of America's Next Top Model Ride


At 19 November, 2009 18:13, Blogger Adam said...

You wouldn't catch me dead at an REI ride, but otherwise those are all winners.

At 19 November, 2009 19:03, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

"REI ride"?

I love the idea of a slow spandex ride :-)

We're doing a Where's Waldo theme ride tomorrow night in San Jose.

At 19 November, 2009 19:39, Blogger Jennifer said...

I've been spending a frightening amount of money there since I joined last spring.

At 19 November, 2009 19:40, Blogger Jennifer said...

Do you all dress like Waldo, or does one person dress like Waldo and you have to find him?

At 19 November, 2009 23:08, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

It'll be an entire of Waldos.

At 20 November, 2009 09:28, Blogger JamiMaria said...

I feel like most of my rides are REI rides...

It looks like there are a few clothing themed rides coming up:

Horrible Sweater Ride
Santa Rampage
Dreidl Ride

I think a balaclava ride would also be good.

At 20 November, 2009 11:37, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

A baklava ride would be even better! :-) Mmmm, Greek pastries...

At 20 November, 2009 12:06, Blogger JamiMaria said...

Well, a balaclava baklava ride should happen in January or February. i've been thinking about putting one together.

At 20 November, 2009 12:22, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

Except you can't eat the baklavas while wearing a balaclava. Or at least I can't without making a big smooshy mess.

At 20 November, 2009 13:15, Blogger Jennifer said...

Now I want to find a bakery.


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