08 October 2009

Tell me what it is that you want for me to do

Dear motorists:

I hate to seem to get short with you in this particular case, because clearly you are driving with the utmost caution, for which I truly am very grateful.

However, I have noticed that you often whine, moan, gripe, and complain about cyclists who blow through red lights, "swerve," fail to use hand signals, disregard the law, and in general ride unpredictably and dangerously; yet when I stick out my left arm and plant both feet on the pavement, and the light turns green, still you continue to sit there gawking as though you can't comprehend my intentions and are quite unaware that you have the right of way to proceed through the intersection before I may turn across it.

Tonight another motorist who approached the intersection but had to stop behind both me and a right-turning bus driver who was yielding to a pedestrian grew quite impatient at the momentary interruption in the flow of traffic that you caused, as you may have noticed.

So I ask you: Do you want me to obey the rules of the road, or don't you?


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