16 October 2009

Rainy-day bike tip

After what's been, I swear, three solid weeks of rain, I finally remembered a tip that Dingbat once told me.

Some bike helmets (such as mine) come with snaps on them for an optional rain cover. Don't waste your money. Go to the drugstore and get a shower cap. If you want something more breathable, get a shower cap and poke some tiny holes in it.

Another advantage of shower caps is that they're compatible with every helmet on the market.

A disadvantage of a shower cap is that you won't ever see one on the runway at a bike fashion show, but your other options are either cold raindrops trickling down your scalp or up to $30 for a piece of fabric with snaps on it. As with most other things, it's a matter of personal preference.


At 20 October, 2009 11:53, Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

I just wear a hat with a visor. the visor keeps rain from landing on my eyeglasses (well, it helps anyway).


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