07 October 2009

Not sabotage, just incredibly bad luck

Actually, the inner tube has a tiny hole at the valve. Am I ever glad I forced myself to check the tube underwater for escaping air bubbles, else I would not have discovered this until after the front tire would have mysteriously deflated yet again, which would likely have been some night after working late.

I also forced myself to check the tire for embedded glass shards, just in case, and found a whole bunch of them lurking in a small but gaping cut that penetrated all the way through the tire. Another disaster waiting to happen.

The hybrid needed a new tire in the back, so I had bought one, but unfortunately I had bought only one, because for some reason spending about $1200 another bike has made me thrifty with this one. Not a large problem because I literally have a spare tire, one of the originals from when I first replaced both with the Randonneurs, except I seem to have purchased the wrong size inner tubes in Alton this past summer.

I think I might have an old tube with a patchable hole in it, but the hour was getting late, and with my luck I might have found that the cement in my patch kit had gone dry.


At 08 October, 2009 03:12, Blogger Georg said...

Bonjour Jennifer,

Here in France you can buy for cars and cycles little bombs containing compressed air. They inflate the tire and inject some whitish paste at the same time. This paste closes the hole and you can go on in no time.

Naturally, when on the road, it is advisable to run your hand along the tire to feel at least for something big, like a nail.



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