26 October 2009

The n00b in autumn

"We should just ride there."
"I dunno, that might be too far for me."
"It's 10 miles. You've ridden 10 miles before, lots of times."
"But it's cold!"
"It is NOT cold!"
"But it'll be cold later. Plus it's supposed to rain tonight."
"Screw rain. You have fenders!"
"But my coat isn't waterproof."
"You wanna wear my yellow safety jacket then?"
"Uh, no thanks."
"But why are we driving 10 freaking miles to the other side of freaking town? I hate it!"
"But you hate taking the Red Line."
"Then let's just ride there!"
"But it's too cold!"
"No it's not!"

And so on.


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