19 October 2009

Far as I'm concerned, it's actually MetLife Dental's fault

Okay, no more buying shit for my bike. No more buying shit for any of my bikes. If something breaks, it stays broken. If there's some hot new accessory that I suddenly need to make my winter cycling experience a zillion times more tolerable, too bad, I'll live without it for another year. If my equipment is too old, ugly, and/or crafted from earth-raping materials by starving orphans in third-world countries for sale at national retail chains that don't let their employees unionize to be entirely acceptable, then myself and everyone who must suffer to look at me will just have to accept it anyway.

This does not apply to new snowboots, because I need new snowboots anyway. I erred on the fashionable side the last time I got new snowboots; I will not make that mistake again.


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