12 October 2009

And this winter is predicted to be as bad as in '07-'08

When the temperature stayed below 20F for weeks at a time and it snowed almost constantly, and everyone on Bike Winter kept reassuring all the n00bz fleeing CTA Doomsday '07 to sit tight and wait out the the latest spell of "unusually" bad winter weather.

And not even a nice hot summer to remember this time around, either, or a gloriously golden autumn. Temps plunged prematurely to "November-like" levels as early as late September; the tree leaves aren't even bothering to change color but only withering and falling forlornly off the branches one by one. The clouds only break for a few hours every other morning or so.

Oh, it's going to be awful, simply awful. I'm sick of winter already, and it's Columbus Day.

Anyway, from Chicago Breaking News:
CTA's plan: $3 train rides, 25-cent bus fare hike


At 12 October, 2009 18:45, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Yeah, this weather really, really sucks.

At 12 October, 2009 22:20, Blogger reub2000 said...


I always thought that an el nino was supposed to be correlated with a mild winter in Chicago. Maybe not?

At 13 October, 2009 01:09, Blogger jared said...

I'm still holding out for an Indian Summer. Of course when it finally gets above 60 again I'll probably think its nice out...

At 13 October, 2009 12:44, Blogger spiderleggreen said...

gotta say that I personally liked riding more, when it consistantly stayed in the teens , last year. When it got up in the 20's things started to melt and got icy and dangerous. I'm sure I'd like it better if it just kept going up and melted everything. But it doesn't happen here, very often.

Plus, I sweat less in the teens. Getting wet on the inside can cause problems.


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