20 July 2009

Nobody thought of this before?

Those permanently attached locked storage bins like you see on some motorcycles. Put them on a longtail or box bike.

I just don't trust the bag-in-a-basket paradigm. Weather can change. People steal things just because they can.


At 21 July, 2009 07:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Germans and the Dutch have a lot of great bike-commuter gear that is, unfortunately, nearly impossible to find in America. Rixen & Kaul have a couple of boxes that attach to the rear rack with their locking Klick-fix system:


At 22 July, 2009 12:43, Anonymous vxla said...

I just saw some locking panniers this past weekend while in Memphis (a bike shop down there had them). Unfortunately they don't seem to securely lock to the bike itself (perhaps I didn't see the mechanism to do so).

You can modify almost any set of panniers to be "secure" with a strong cable, grommet, vinyl, and silicone.


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