05 March 2009


Does anyone have a Chicagoland Bicycle Map handy? If so, could you look up and tell me the red, orange, and bike-lane labeled streets between the lakefront, the Wisconsin state line, Kenosha Road, and 29th Street in Zion? By, say, early this afternoon?


At 05 March, 2009 14:17, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Red/Orange (can't tell them apart on the map): 29th St from Green Bay Rd to Sheridan, Kenosha Rd, Lewis, Sheridan from 32nd to 21st (rest is yellow), 31st-33rd between the McClory Trail and Sheridan,and Shiloh Blvd east of the town square thing. That's mostly it.

At 05 March, 2009 14:23, Blogger Jennifer said...

There's a town square? Oh, Shiloh Park. You should come up here sometime, you'd love it.

Anyway, thanks! I don't think I'd ride on most of those roads, though (certainly not by myself), so I'm afraid that wasn't very helpful after all. I was hoping the CBF knew something I didn't.

At 05 March, 2009 14:27, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Yeah, I want to come up sometime this spring, for sure. I'm antsy for good weather and doing more outside. Plus, I've never seen a nuclear power plant, even a closed one, before.

At 05 March, 2009 23:50, Blogger Jennifer said...

Bike Lane Hottie Goes to Zion


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