04 March 2009

Crimes of fashion, or These ARE my "regular" clothes!

In my latest completely weird yet vivid dream, I was on trial for criminally negligent homicide. I'd been biking down the street in my "regular" clothes, minding my own business, when a style-conscious driver saw me and gaped in absolute horror at my grubby sneakers, old Bike the Drive t-shirt, and lack of makeup (Avenger the Ugly As Sin Hybrid probably didn't help, either), and thus was so distracted that she struck and killed a pedestrian. The county prosecutor decided that it would be easier to nail me for failing to wear fashionable apparel while cycling for transportation, since Matt's Law still hadn't passed.

Which reminded me that I need to check on that, seeing as how it was years ago now. Remind me later, or let me know if you know.

Anyway, I really need to stop taking those occasional comments (occasionally directed at me; one young woman at the Bike Winter art show some weeks ago was rather hurtful) by other bike advocates about not wearing "regular clothes" or "normal clothes" so personally, don't I.


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