05 February 2009

Word on the street

...is that Breezer was bought by somebody. Anyone know the details, or do I have to be all Real Female Blogger and look into it myself? Those dishes ain't gonna wash themselves...

Update: I can't find anything on it, so either (1) I was told incorrectly or (2) the news hasn't been made public yet. Oops.

'Scuse me while I look at the Finesse again. If only I had money and could afford a whole nice bike instead of replacing bits and pieces of that goddamned dorky laundry rack hybrid.

[My stupid non-commuting bike.]


At 05 February, 2009 06:28, Blogger Emily said...


This looks more like a software industry "bought", where the small company needed a capital infusion, and the large company wanted to get their hands on a successful product.

At 05 February, 2009 08:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't dream it; ASI bought Breezer.


At 05 February, 2009 12:01, Anonymous Dingbat said...

Yup. Sold to Advanced Sports, Inc. (owners of Fuji, Kestrel, and SE) in September.
Here's the press release. Seems like ASI wants to fill in a gap in their offerings, and I've been consistently impressed with Fuji's design and spec of their bikes over the past five years or so. They've got a legit touring bike, a very handsome and a bit retro road bike, probably the best entry-level fixed-gear (Fuji Track) on the market, and decent offerings for the weekend warriors.

My prediction: this will bring the cost of Breezers down, and possibly augur well for a little more variety in their offerings, too: I'd love to see a drop-bar road bike with enclosed chain case, hub gearing, and fenders OEM spec'd, for example. (A bike that you could find by the thousands in England fifty years ago!)

Oh, Joe Breeze is said to remain involved.

At 05 February, 2009 15:30, Blogger Jennifer said...

Okay, so the news is so old it's not news anymore.

Well, I still frequently must remind myself what year it is, so forgive my atemporality here.


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