26 February 2009

Woodfield Mall is more important than you are

From the Chicago Tribune:
Schaumburg turns off red-light camera near Woodfield
"The tickets came in a flood, some 10,000 of them, almost all for drivers not stopping before turning right on red. At $100 a ticket, the village's coffers were overflowing.

But amid a flurry of complaints---some from scofflaws threatening never to shop again at the mall---the village recently decided to deactivate the camera, saying it wasn't improving safety that much anyway."
"Some of the complaints in Schaumburg came from drivers who thought the punishment didn't fit what they considered a minor infraction..."
[emphasis added]

Oh, did I mention that Schaumburg ("Progress Through Thoughtful Planning") is a Bronze-level Bike Friendly Community?


At 02 March, 2009 11:51, Blogger BadCarbine said...

the name Schaumburg means foam castle in German... Exactly what it is: a cheaply made oasis of superficiality!


At 02 March, 2009 13:34, Blogger Jennifer said...

Heh, looks just like the ex in Naperville.

At 03 March, 2009 18:04, Blogger BadCarbine said...



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