12 February 2009

Seriously, that's what the headline says

Chicago Sun-Times:
Tiny is hot at Auto Show

Ooh baby, I'm so hot for your tiny car.

In other news, the Auto Show Shutdown has become the Auto Show Love-In. What's the difference? And why no love for the Metra Electric or South Shore lines?

Actually, now that I think about it, the ME is always packed like the Red Line at rushhour on the weekends during the Auto Show---and somehow I've never considered that to be ironic. Taking the train to look at all the shiny cars always just seemed like the sensible thing to do.


At 13 February, 2009 10:54, Blogger Man On The Street said...

If this is the reverse of the old "overcompensating Corvette" drivers, then male smart car drivers are in for some pretty heavy come-ons in the coming years.


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