16 February 2009

Doomiest doomsday scenario yet

John Hilkevitch at the Chicago Tribune:
Mass-transit 'doomsday' looms yet again: RTA projects huge tax-revenue shortfalls for CTA, Metra and Pace
"The total estimated CTA shortfall---$213 million---dwarfs the $158 million deficit the CTA faced in its 2008 budget until state lawmakers and Chicago aldermen raised taxes dedicated to transit in 2008, averting a partial shutdown of the agency.

"The $158 million hole in the CTA budget a year ago led the transit agency to come up with a doomsday plan that would have eliminated more than half of CTA bus routes, raised fares to as much as $3.25 and resulted in more than 2,400 layoffs.

"This time, the new numbers would basically shut down the system if the General Assembly or the RTA failed to provide a solution, CTA officials said."

Contrast with Olympic transit plan could go the distance---not if it doesn't exist anymore by then!

Visual interest:

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