11 February 2009

Biking to the Auto Show: Now with less irony!

Directions & Parking - 2009 Chicago Auto Show

"BIKE: McCormick place has direct access to the Lakefront Trail. Bike parking is available along the Lakefront Trail. For more information on Bike access and the Lakefront trail, please visit http://www.chicagobikes.org."

Figures that the Auto Show folks would pointedly fail to mention that McCormick Place is perfectly accessible by bike along local streets. (Can't have all those pesky bicycles tying up car traffic at the Auto Show now, can we?) Take King Dr. from the south or Indiana from the north (map). The Path will most likely be overrun with geese and their droppings in the vicinity of McCormick Place, so good luck with that if you don't have fenders. (Gives the phrase "skunk stripe" a whole new dimension of meaning.)

[25th and King Dr. No, this isn't from Critical Mass or any incarnation thereof.]

Oh, and bike parking is also available off the Path at McCormick Place itself. I know there are a whole bunch of bike racks that are extremely inconveniently located on the Lakeside Center terrace, as well as a few along the sidewalk right there by that entrance that always look as though they keep getting backed into by large trucks. I don't know about anywhere else.

Still, wow. Did they do that last year?


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