04 January 2009


"Um, is the elevator broken?"
"It's the old-fashioned kind. You have to open it manually."
"Oh, I see. Thanks! My daughter just moved in."
"Ah." (Poor girl.)
"So, where do you park around here?"
"There's a bike room in the basement, but I have a folding bike, so I just keep it in my closet." (That's half-true.)
"Huh? No, I meant, where do you park your car?"
"I don't have one."
"You don't?"
"Oh, were you one of those people who sold your car last summer when gas got so expensive?"
"No, I haven't had a car since I was seventeen." (Quarter-true. I wonder whatever happened to Grandma's old K-car...)
"Oh, so you're one of those environmentalists responsible for the auto industry tanking!"
(Is that supposed to be funny?) "No, I'd have just bought an old K-car from someone's grandma anyway."
"Heh. What the---"
"You have to open the door again."
"Oh, right. Bye!"


At 04 January, 2009 14:28, Blogger Katherine said...

wow. placing blame on non-car people is new to me. (and totally inappropriate. like, it's my fault because i couldn't afford a brand new car...ever? i technically do have a car, but now for the very first time. because i can't bike to the nearest bus station, yay rural communities!)

i bet her daughter is a blast.

At 04 January, 2009 18:54, Blogger Jennifer said...

I don't know, it was hard to tell whether this guy was halfway serious or just trying to make humorous small-talk with a stranger in an elevator. I myself prefer to just twiddle my fingers and stare blankly straight ahead in such situations.

At 04 January, 2009 19:43, Blogger RJ said...

I love this! I like that you were quick to challenge an assumption (whether intentionally or unintentionally) by stating where you actually parked-- and not assuming he meant the car parking lot.

One of my favorite things to do at the grocery store is to accept the bagger's offer to help me with my bags-- and then we walk outside, steering away from the cars.. to my bicycle. It brings me much joy.

At 05 January, 2009 11:03, Anonymous withrow said...

Possible friendly comeback:

"It looks like the auto industry figured out how to get my money anyway."

At 09 January, 2009 16:03, Blogger Jennifer said...

I wish I could take the credit for quickly challenging an assumption, but the honest truth is that when I hear "parking" I automatically think "bike racks" and internally shake my head that there never seem to be enough of them conveniently located anywhere.


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