06 August 2008

Should Metra take credit cards?

[Yes, duh!]

Metra riders: The Transit Riders' Alliance (of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association) has an online petition for you to sign if you would like for Metra to start accepting credit cards.

In case you didn't know: nope, Metra does not accept credit cards. Not even for monthly passes, which range from $58.05 for zone A-A to $217.35 for zone A-M.* I don't know how their Ticket-by-Mail or Ticket-by-Internet programs work, but I do know that credit cards are not accepted at the ticket counter. Which means that if you get to Union Station and don't have any cash on hand, you need to add a stupid $3 ATM fee to the cost of your ticket. It's absolutely nuts.

So if you've ever felt hampered by Metra's current cash-only policy---even, nay, especially if you're only an occasional rider---go ahead and sign the petition.

*Zone M is Harvard. You thought it was Kenosha, didn't you?


At 06 August, 2008 16:38, Blogger Fritz said...


I use my credit card (actually my debit card) every month when I buy my monthly Caltrain pass. Works at the ticket vending machines and the counters (at staffed stations).


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