02 July 2008

Places to go, things to see, stuff to do

[By bike, of course.]

It's July, which means it's time for another list:

*Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie (I need to go inside this time!)
*Old Plank Road Trail
*Kankakee River State Park
*Argonne National Laboratory/Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve
*Six Flags Great America, if I can tolerate it
*Garfield Park and its conservatory again (I owe the HPCC another try)
*something on the north side for once (any suggestions?)
*Confluence Trail/Vadalabene Bikeway and Pere Marquette State Park (I'm thinking Labor Day weekend)
*more of Milwaukee
*Madison (maybe)
*Michigan via the South Shore Line to Michigan City, IN (just to say I did it)

The Elroy-Sparta State Trail might happen, it just might not be by bike (or at least one of mine). Stay tuned.

Literally a small corner of Midewin, from last summer.


At 01 July, 2008 17:07, Blogger reub2000 said...

*something on the north side for once (any suggestions?)

Bahai temple

At 01 July, 2008 18:14, Anonymous russ said...

Regarding the Old Plank Road Trail, there are some side trips available:

* Monee Reservoir: Take Ridgeland south from OPRT, jog left at Steger Rd., and continue south. Just before you get to Pauling Rd., Ridgeland will bend a bit to avoid I-57. Turn left on Pauling, cross I-57, and then continue south on Ridgeland to the entrance. Round-trip from OPRT is about 18 miles.

* The Hickory Creek Bikeway (AKA the Hills of Mokena): This is a trail junction just west of 116th Ave., which heads north across US 30, past a picnic area, down to Hickory Creek, north to a junction with Brightway Ave., then southwest to emerge at the Hickory Creek Barrens picnic area at US 30 and Schoolhouse Rd. You can go south on Schoolhouse and pick up OPRT again. As I live in downtown Mokena, I usually use the Brightway trailhead to get out of town.

* Midewin: I don't like the Wauponsee Glacial Trail, as the crushed limestone doesn't get along with my recumbent trike's skinny road tires. Instead, I take to the back roads. From the OPRT, take 116th south to Flagstone Turn, go west to Scheer Rd., then south to Baker. Go west on Baker to Kankakee St., then south one mile to Smith Rd., and then go west to US 52. Gougar Road forks south immediately; take Gougar south to Hoff Road. Go west on Hoff, and you will eventually reach a Midewin entrance at Old Chicago Road. Of course, most of Midewin doesn't get along with skinny tires, either. I need to fix the brakes on my other bike... also a recumbent, but with fat tires.

At 02 July, 2008 19:22, Blogger David Johnsen said...

The North Branch Trail to the Chicago Botanic Garden (free admission for cyclists) is pretty sweet since it was resurfaced last fall. There is also a new rail-trail in Sauganash, but it's only a mile long so far (Bryn Mawr to Devon).

Btw, the North Shore Channel path is torn up in Lincolnwood right now.


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