30 June 2008

Powderhorn Lake, weather or not

The storm approaches...

...and arrives.

Well, I could stay in my stuffy apartment and do laundry all day, or I could risk the scattered rainstorms and go for a bike ride. Guess which one I picked?

When the rain stopped I headed out. I couldn't go north along the lakefront without running into a bajillion people (Taste of Chicago + Pride Parade = way too crowded), so I headed south instead. I figured I may as well try to get all the way down to Powderhorn Lake (as seen in Chicago Wilderness magazine), the last of the lesser lakes remaining to be visited by me.

I went the usual way: Lakefront Path south, then along the marked route to the Burnham Greenway, following that to Wolf Lake. Powderhorn Lake is a little farther to the south.

Stormclouds looming over Promontory Point.

Woo-hoo, I'm riding in that direction!

Water intake cribs at 68th St. (cool diagram here).

I made a long detour (timewise) at the South Shore Cultural Center, taking many pictures of pretty flowers and dramatic skyline views at the nature sanctuary. I've dumped those into another post.

Industry meets nature at the Burnham Greenway.

Powderhorn Lake! Mission accomplished.

As usually happens, I returned northwestward straight into a headwind. And I wasn't going to barely miss the worst of the rain for much longer. 'Twould be a long ride home, but I've had worse.

Ramshackle old warden's house (right?) at Eggers Grove. (Dear Forest Preserve District of Cook County: Why is your Web site impossible to navigate? I give up.) I was amused by the TV aerial for some reason.

Someday I'll find Andreas Von Zirngibl's grave at the riverside scrapyard, but in the meantime...

A couple of scrapped CTA buses.

And then the rainstorm hit, so I took no more pictures today.


At 30 June, 2008 09:40, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Hmm, Powderhorn doesn't look too exciting.

I do love that old warden's house in the woods. Part of it seems to have burned. I'm sure it'll get torn down whenever the FPD has the money.

At 30 June, 2008 11:44, Blogger Jennifer said...

Yeah, I was kind of disappointed. But I swear I saw people on the other side of the lake, so maybe there's more in Indiana. *checks map* No, there isn't. Okay, according to Chicago Wilderness magazine, there's supposed to be more there. So I must have missed it all, and now must go again sometime.

At 30 June, 2008 12:16, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, hee.


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