27 June 2008

Congratulations, City of Destiny!

Yes, that's Katharine of Chicago in the Chicago Reader, sort of. Yes yes, I know, it's all about your Flickr stream, but I don't do Flickr so you'll have to keep up here in Bloggerland too.

Here's to her continued success, and my desperate hope that I'm still too self-absorbed and potty-mouthed to be discovered. (Aw fuck, is that another ingrown toenail? I'll have to post pictures.)

In other news, sculptures! And more sculptures! Hey Hyde Park Cycling Committee Club, who's up for a public art ride sometime?


At 27 June, 2008 14:24, Blogger Katherine said...

Thanks! I hadn't even seen the online Reader page yet.

I feel sort of guilty about this, knowing you and Eric and Noah and Didi and Rob, among others (all Chicagoans in the "Architecture...etc." section of my blogroll) all post much more often. But it's been a crappy spring/summer so I haven't posted much (blogging takes a different energy than Flickr for me)...this'll kick me back into action.

I'd be more "potty-mouthed" on my blog, but I still don't even know if my parents know about it, and I can almost see them being more upset about language than, you know, all the trespassing in dangerous abandoned buildings!

At 27 June, 2008 14:46, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Well, Katherine does a better job than either of us at keeping her personal life out of her blog. Which is why it's been quiet around there lately.

By the way, I totally saw you headed north on the bike path north of Museum Campus at like 11:30 last night, but I was blinded by your light and didn't realize who you were until I had passed you.

At 27 June, 2008 15:19, Blogger Jennifer said...

That was you?

At 27 June, 2008 15:23, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Yes, I was headed south. I was riding with no headlight because I wanted to conserve the dying battery for on-street riding when I got home.


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