26 June 2008


I've found a bike that actually made me drool. Saliva and everything.

Dahon Tournado

[What hybrid?]

According to the review in Adventure Cyclist Magazine it would likely need a million or so modifications to suit me (I like my cushy dork saddle and huge granny gear!), but whatever. I'm incredibly attracted to the fact that you can take it apart and put it in a suitcase. Hott! Of course it's expensive as hell, but come on, you can take it apart and put it in a suitcase! With wheels!

But now somebody's going to tell me that there are twelve dozen far superior models that do the same thing better. Well, good, I don't care for brown anyway. (Why do touring bikes always come in such dull, subdued colors? Would a nice eye-catching cerulean blue be too much to ask? Is that "too triathlon" or something?)


At 27 June, 2008 00:15, Blogger David said...

Well, there's always Bianchi, who haven't quite moved beyond their fixation with loud colors...

At 27 June, 2008 01:14, Blogger Jennifer said...

Those aren't nearly loud enough.

At 27 June, 2008 14:58, Blogger SiouxGeonz said...

I was mighty pleased that the P8 Dahon I got was FLAME (red). That D7 that didn't have enough gears was sage green (snore).


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